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St. Ephraim Center offers a variety of Orthodox-based treatment programs including the following programs:

Addictions We Treat

Current research indicates that a wide variety of addictive behaviors are characterized by brain chemistry, behaviors, and treatment needs similar to alcohol and other substance abuse. St. Ephraim Center provides treatment for Orthodox Christians in recovery from, or experiencing difficulty with, addictive behaviors such as Alcohol and other substance abuse, Pornography and other non-violent sex addictions, Gambling, and more.

Individual Counseling

Our clinical staff members have more than 100 years of cumulative experience and are experts in a wide range of therapeutic methods for dealing with addiction, mental health, mental health nutrition, recovery and relapse prevention as well as addictive family issues such as co-dependency. To find out whether individual counseling could be right for you, contact our executive director, Masha Gisetti, at (720) 943-0840.

Phone Consultations

Not sure where to go from here or what resources are available to you? St. Ephraim Center clinical staff members are available for no-cost phone consultations to get you started. Get help now. Through our Pastoral Care Institute educational programs, we are also available to provide expert consultation for other helping professionals. To request expert consultation and support, please contact us.

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About Us

St. Ephraim Center is a first-of-its-kind, Orthodox Christian treatment group based in Colorado. We offer addiction and mental health treatment, mental health nutrution services, and addictions and mental health education. The Center supports and strengthens the Orthodox Church through education and effective, Christ-centered addictions treatment for Orthodox clergy and laity. With growing services and nationally recognized staff, we are here to help.


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