• Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday

    Today is Palm Sunday. We celebrate with Lazarus, Mary, Martha and all of Jerusalem, the triumphant coming of Jesus into Jerusalem. Lazarus was raised from the dead! The blind were receiving their sight, the lame were being healed, God Himself was among His people….

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  • Christ is risen! Truly HE is risen!

    Christ is risen! Truly HE is risen!

    We just finished Holy Week. If we were fortunate enough to be able to experience all the services we find that the experience can be rather intense.   I believe it is designed to be rather overwhelming. However, when we reach a state of overwhelm our…

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  • How Do I Know What God’s Will is for Myself?

    How Do I Know What God’s Will is for Myself?

    This is a question that we, as God’s people tend to ask frequently. As human beings, we like certainty. We want to make sure we are “right with God” and we “don’t want to get it wrong”! Some people are afraid that they might miss God’s will for…

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  • True & False Repentance

    True & False Repentance

    As we approach Pascha we will be seeing two types of repentance. One is true and one is false. Judas represents a false repentance. St. Peter, on the other hand, demonstrates a true repentance. The difference is this: when Judas came to his senses he was stricken…

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