• True & False Repentance

    True & False Repentance

    As we approach Pascha we will be seeing two types of repentance. One is true and one is false. Judas represents a false repentance. St. Peter, on the other hand, demonstrates a true repentance. The difference is this: when Judas came to his senses he was stricken…

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  • What is Self Esteem

    What is Self Esteem

    A client of mine, who is a recovering addict/alcoholic and incest survivor recently asked me what “self-esteem” is. Rather than defining it, I gave her the following answer:I now have self-esteem, but I didn’t use to. This is the difference it has made…

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  • Putting recovery first

    Putting recovery first

    As we quickly move to the end of the year, my thoughts are drawn to how quickly life seems to be moving by. It is December already! Where did the year go? No sooner does Monday arrive, when Friday dawns. Each day seems lost in a blur, as one follows the next…

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  • Tips for Staying Sober This Holiday Season

    Tips for Staying Sober This Holiday Season

    Maecenas etos sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit ornare terminal volutpat rutrum metro amet sollicitudin interdum suspendisse pulvinar velit etos pharetra interdum, ante tellus gravida at mollis elite…

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