Education Programs

St. Ephraim Center’s Pastoral Care Institute offers a variety of educational services to increase knowledge and awareness about the realities of addiction, importance of mental health and the availability of effective treatment. Our staff provides all programs and presentations.

Available services include:

On-site, spiritually and culturally relevant presentations, workshops, and other events
A wealth of information via our website and other materials
Expert consultation upon request

Common presentation topics include:

Understanding Addiction and Recovery from an Orthodox Perspective

Mental Health Nutrition

The Three-Legged Stool: Bio-Psycho-Social Aspects of Addiction and Recovery

The Unique Struggles of Addiction among Clergy and their Families

Dealing with Internet Porn Addiction: A Basic Introduction for Pastors and Counselors

Most of these services can be offered at no cost, depending on travel requirements.


For more details about scheduling an educational event or requesting expert consultation, please contact us.

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