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Christina Veselak, LMFTDn. Jan Veselak, M.A., LACAddiction is a pathological relationship with any mood altering substance, behavior or personal relationship that has potentially life threatening consequences. It is a relationship intended to improve the quality of someone’s life, which becomes... (more)
Relapse and Blood Sugar DysregulationBy Christina Veselak, LMFTPreliminary research has already clearly shown that low or dropping blood sugar levels lead to cravings (and ultimately, to relapse) in clients with both process and chemical addictions.Symptoms of low blood sugar, caused by a... (more)
Nutritional Support for the Addicted BrainThe American Medical Association has long understood that addiction is a brain driven, bio-psycho-social illness. Traditional treatment programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous have done a great job developing effective approaches to the psychological,... (more)
Codependency is a maladaptive, unhealthy reaction to an addict. In its broadest sense it is a reactive and submissive response to the dominance of another. It describes an individual who organizes their life around someone else. It is a decision making process which internalizes someone else’s... (more)
Christina Veselak, LMFTDn. Jan Veselak, M.A.Recovery is not merely abstinence. It is a gradual transformation in the way we relate to God, self, and other people. Abstinence (stopping a behavior or substance use) is not recovery as it does not require repentance.The Three-Legged Stool: Spiritual,... (more)

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A client of mine, who is a recovering addict/alcoholic and incest survivor recently asked me what “self-esteem” is. Rather than defining it, I gave her the following answer:I now have self-esteem, but I didn’t use to. This is the difference it has made in my life: In the past, I would barely... more
As we quickly move to the end of the year, my thoughts are drawn to how quickly life seems to be moving by. It is December already! Where did the year go? No sooner does Monday arrive, when Friday dawns. Each day seems lost in a blur, as one follows the next in rapid succession. I worry that life... more
As we all know, the upcoming holidays are a high risk time for relapse for people who are recovering from addictions to sugar, alcohol, and other drugs and behaviors.  Parties and family gatherings increase exposure to sugar and alcohol, and there might be pressure to “drink just one” or “I... more
There is much talk in contemporary addiction treatment and psychotherapy about shame and how it drives addiction, depression, anxiety and violence. As Orthodox Christians, we want to distinguish between toxic shame and healthy shame. God created us with a conscience. This gives us the ability to... more
As we move into Fall, and the holiday season, many people fill with dismay and dread. What could be a glorious time of connecting with family, standing before God with gratitude for all of His blessings, purifying our heart through Advent, and celebrating the birth of our Savior with our human and... more