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Short Answer:Probably – if you're willing to spend 30-50 years living a monastic life of prayer and fasting.Long Answer:Up until the 20th century addictions were not considered to be an illness of the mind and body, they were seen as failures to surmount temptations. (See the blog: “Are Passions... (more)
What is Porn Addiction?It is solitary.It is looking at pictures, reading stories or watching movies with nakedness or a specific body part or a specific article of clothing or a specific sexual activity as its focus.It may have the goal of having an orgasm/ejaculation.It is done in isolation, even... (more)
The Church and AddictionsThere are two underlying causes for most addictions: trauma, particularly childhood trauma, and isolation/loneliness. The Church is uniquely positioned to heal both of these causes.Note, that I do not say that the Church is uniquely positioned to heal the addictions, but... (more)

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Today is Palm Sunday. We celebrate with Lazarus, Mary, Martha and all of Jerusalem, the triumphant coming of Jesus into Jerusalem. Lazarus was raised from the dead! The blind were receiving their sight, the lame were being healed, God Himself was among His people. People’s hopes were high, everyone... more
There is much talk in contemporary addiction treatment and psychotherapy about shame and how it drives addiction, depression, anxiety and violence. As Orthodox Christians, we want to distinguish between toxic shame and healthy shame. God created us with a conscience. This gives us the ability to... more