About Addiction

Learn more about addiction and how it affects addicts and their loved ones.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a relationship with any mood-altering substance, behavior, or personal relationship that becomes destructively out of control over time. More

What is Recovery?

Recovery is more than just “quitting.” It’s a gradual transformation in the way we relate to God, self, and other people. More

What is Codependency?

Families and loved ones can give up their perceptions of reality and even their sense of self when they build their lives around the addict. More

What are Pornography and Sex Addictions?

Pornography and other non-violent sexual addictions are characterized by brain chemistry, behaviors, and treatment needs similar to any other addiction. More

How Does Nutritional Support Aid Recovery?

Often overlooked by traditional treatment programs, a key aspect of recovery is learning how to keep the brain and body healthy and in balance using nutritional support. More

How Can I Learn More?

Please contact us, look into workshops or presentations from our educational programs, or check out these external resources and books for more information.

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